Why Do Skateboarders Lift Their Shirts

Why Do Skateboarders Lift Their Shirts? The Truth!

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Skateboarding is an addictive sport that everyone loves to try. Skateboarders look cool and they do things that seem rare for us, especially for those people who are not part of the skateboarding community. One of the weird things skateboarders do is lift their shirts. Even before, I found it weird because skateboarders have to lift their shirts. But what is the reason why skateboarders lift their shirts? Let’s find out!

Why do skateboarders lift their shirts? Skateboarding is a hard sport and it can make skateboarders sweat. The reason why skateboarders lift their shirts is that they have to release the heat from their bodies or they lift their shirts to wipe the sweat on the face. Another reason why skateboarders lift their shirts is to attract the attention of women and create a kind of swag. 

This is socially acceptable among skateboarders. However, for people that do not belong to the skateboarding community, this might seem weird. Aside from the reason I gave you above, there are other reasons why skateboarders lift their shirts, and every skateboarder has their reason why they lift their shirts. 

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Loose Clothes?

Another thing that we often see among skateboarders is that they wear loose clothes. But why do skateboarders wear loose clothes? 

Skateboarders wear loose clothes because of the kind of sport they do. Skateboarders need the freedom to perform a skateboarding trick. If skateboarders wear tight clothes, it will be hard for skateboarders to move freely. 

You can get injured in skateboarding and it’s inevitable. This is the reason why skateboarders wear loose clothes. Wearing loose clothes protects skateboarders from scratching on their legs or what part of their body might hit the ground. 

Aside from that reason, another reason why skateboarders wear loose clothes is to look cool or swag. Every skateboarder loves to look gorgeous. It’s their way of expressing themselves to people and other skateboarders. Even me, I admire the way skateboarders dress. 

The lifestyle of a skateboarder is clearly expressed in how they dress. If you think that your life is fun, exciting, and challenging, then the fashion of skateboarders fits that kind of lifestyle. 

The last reason why skateboarders wear loose clothes is that loose clothes are usually less expensive and it helps them fit into the skateboarding community in terms of style. If you wear tight clothes and you go to the skatepark, you look like a stranger and not part of the skateboarding community. However, it still depends on your preferences. But the main fashion of skateboarders is wearing loose clothes. 

How Do Skateboarders Usually Dress?

When you are starting as a skateboarder, you probably don’t know how to dress like a skateboarder. The best way to dress is to dress in a way that makes you comfortable. 

When you see the skateboarding community, you will realize that most of them wear loose clothes and tight pants. This is a trend among the skateboarding community. However, you will still be the one who will decide what to wear. 

You can also decide to try different skateboarding outfits and see what makes you feel comfortable. Never wear clothes that do not make you feel comfortable because you will have a hard time skateboarding. You can search on Google for the best clothes for skateboarders like you. 

Why Do Skateboarders Sag Their Pants?

Sagging is part of menswear. Skateboarders sag their pants as a form of fashion statement and representation of their craft. Skateboarders are always outside the streets and one of the behaviors of boys on the street is wearing saggy pants. 

This culture of sagging was adopted by skateboarders in the 90s because they wanted to express themselves and showcase their rebellious nature. One example is Tupac Shakur. 

If you are new to skateboarding, I suggest you wear your complete gear when skateboarding. If you wear saggy pants while you are still new, you can get injured and might not move properly while skateboarding. 

Final Words

So, the reason why skateboarders lift their shirts is that skateboarders have to wipe their sweat on their face, look cool in front of people, release the heat when it’s hot, and other more reasons. The other reasons are based on the individual. Some skateboarders have other reasons why they lift their shirts.