Why do skateboarders wear hats? The truth!

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Why do skateboarders wear hats

A cap is one of the best ways to market a brand, and skate brands and companies know this very well. The skaters you see competing on TV in the X Games, and street league wear beanies because they required.

How to wear bennies like skaters:

Over the years, skateboarding has given birth to many looks.

No other group of individuals has brought more fashion. It trends to prominence than skateboarders.

Skaters are diverse, with different regions. Like styles, beliefs, cultures, and religions that support their dress.

Throughout its history the skating world has seen beanies of all shapes and sizes. which can worn in many styles.

But, there is one that stood out above the rest.

Why do skateboarder wears hat

Skate Tiny Hat.

If you want to know how to wear a cap like a skater, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Get a quality ribbed cap.
  • Open all the folds on the cap so that the cap lies flat.
  • Make the 1st fold of about 2 cm and straighten it.
  • Make a 2nd fold of about 2 cm, straighten it and roll up the fold.
  • Place on the head and repeat until the pleat sits about ¼ cm above the ear line.
  • You may need to remove the wrinkle or shorten the crease length, depending on the size of your hat.
  • Then loosen and adjust the top of the cap until you get the casual you are looking after.
  • This look works best when worn with a ribbed beanie as part of a casual outfit.

You should avoid wearing this hat style to formal events. Such as dinner reservations or business meetings.

This headgear trend made famous by skaters. Like Eric Koston and Jerry Hsu and is now seen in skate-parks worldwide.

The tiny cap has become synonymous with skateboarding. So much so that you can now find a dedicated Instagram account for the look.

With features on the GQ website and an impressive 50,000+ followers on Instagram. It’s clear that Tiny hats are something skaters are passionate it.

Thinking about the Swinging Little Hat?

Why do skaters wear bennies?

Hats are now synonymous with skateboarding. They rooted in skate history and culture. Seeing a sea of ​​beanies at your local skate park is common now, but it wasn’t always like that. So how did beanies become so popular in skateboarding, and why do skaters wear beanies?

Bennies are the part of skater looks:

Why do skateboarder wears hat

A lot of skateboarding is about aesthetics because it’s a visual sport/art.

For example:

The two key metrics they use to score in skate competitions are timing and originality. Which are visual elements.

The same goes for street skating. Whether skaters want to admit it, simple tricks look great when done .

Effortless style is something most skaters strive for, and nothing says it like a skater in a beanie. After all, beanies made for the world of skateboarding. Because they are no fuss and complement casual outfits without any problems. Skaters love the way beanies look, and who’s to blame?

Wearing a bennies is what pro skaters do?

We all want to be like our heroes; we’re afraid to admit it.

There’s no denying that the skate community has embraced. The cap thanks to their favorite skaters.

Whether they’re flying the rails on the cover of Thrasher magazine or closing things. Which is down in the finale of a new skate movie. The pros are shaping trends, and more will follow.

The popularity of the cap in skateboarding believes. And originated on the East Coast in states. Like New Jersey and New York.

If you had to credit one person for popularizing. The skateboarding cap, look no further than New Jersey’s Bobby Puel.

Puleo known for his role in the 1996 film FTC Penal Code 100A. Moreover, he shredding the streets of Manhattan in Static II. Among other timeless classics from the 1990s and early 2000s.

A master of speed skating and navigating tight and tricky spots. Puel’s skate style has inspired many after him, such as Palace skateboarder – Chewy Cannon

it’s not his skate style that has stood the test of time.

It’s his dress code.

Since its start in skateboarding culture. Beanies have taken the high fashion world by storm.

Why do skateboarder wears hat

Being an essential part of a street wear. Outfit means that during LFW and NYFW. besides, they runways and city streets flooded with the head wear accessory. His presence among street wear enthusiasts. The mainstream fashion world has his hat in the limelight. But nothing can take away from his authenticity in the skate world.

Bennies keep their head warm:

Let’s not forget that beanies have a practical purpose. Nobody feels that more than in the fabulous skateboarding world.

Skateboarding is not a seasonal thing. If you love it, you do it all year round.

A January skate session on the streets of New York is enough to freeze your toes, but it won’t stop the die-hard.

Skaters are also somewhat nocturnal creatures. Hitting street spots in the dark to avoid spotted by predatory security guards.

All this winter work calls for some street-tested gear. What better weapon for a skater’s arsenal than a beanie.

Bennies keep the hair out of skater’s eyes:

Guys and skaters alike get to know what it’s like to struggle with long hair while skating.

It gets in the way.

Imagine you are about to jump right in front of a giant double set or a big gap, and your hair is covering your eyes and face.

You can tell it doesn’t end well.

Caps are a great way to keep hair out of a skater’s eyes when it matters most.

So if you’re struggling with your long hair before entering. Don’t forget to throw on a beanie and save yourself a few broken bones.


Generally, skateboarding is the most popular game. But if skateboarding is too hard to grasp. Because it can identify itself, never transform. Thus, from skateboarding to wearing the era of giant skate shoes. Also with baggy jeans with thin shoes, slim pants, and most wear hats. But what stays and what skateboarding it will also in above the article is full of knowledge.