Why does BMX have a small sprocket? Check them out!

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Sprockets form the core of the wheel’s drive mechanism. It is on the sprockets that the chains are mounted, which are used to transmit rotational movements to the rear wheels. Sprockets are available in many shapes and sizes. If you’ve ridden a BMX bike, you’ll notice that it has a smaller sprocket.

But why is that? Is it possible that the design is intentional? Are there any advantages that come with this little gear? We have extensively researched this area and will demonstrate the benefits below.

Why do BMX bikes have small gears?

Below are some of the excellent advantages of small gears that make BMX bikes stand out:

Small sprocket BMX

1. Makes pedaling easier:

Smaller gears make pedaling much easier. It lowers the chain to the point where it makes direct contact with the top of the brakes. Thanks to this arrangement, you will not have to try to steer the bike from one area to another. It naturally leads to less fatigue on your part.

2. Creates more power:

These kinds of sprockets bend less easily compared to their larger counterparts. As a result, they generate more power because they require less effort on your part. It is great when you go up steep slopes or when you have to ride your bike for too long.

3. Provides more contact surface:

To steer your bike well, you need more contact with the pedal surface. Smaller sprockets have been found to provide more contact areas compared to their larger counterparts. It makes the task of pedaling a little more comfortable and fulfilling.

4. Easily moves over obstacles:

Studies have concluded that smaller gears tend to move over obstacles very easily. It is much easier to prevent them from coming into contact with inert objects that may lie along the wheel’s path. You will find this feature indispensable if you intend to perform any tricks.

5. It is more durable:

A typical riding trail contains many obstacles to be avoided and navigate. These obstacles result in damage and overall reduce the life of the wheels. Again, smaller gears were found to be more durable.

6. Lighter and easier to control:

The smaller gears are lighter and more manageable than their larger counterparts. They don’t burden you too much, either. As a result, you’ll find them great for long bike rides and maneuvering treacherous terrain.

Small sprocket BMX

7. Great for off-road conditions:

If your search for the right motorcycle is dictated primarily by the need to deal with off-road conditions, you have smaller gears to focus on. They are known to be agile and can handle off-road conditions with absolute efficiency.

8. Small gears are good for racing:

Due to their lightness and maneuverability, these sprockets are also great for racing. They hardly interfere with your movements while ensuring a smoother ride all the time. In particular, they deal with rough and winding terrain with exceptional ease. Do we need to add that they allow for long-term use?

9. Smoother and more agile:

While you will need to exert some effort to drive the small cog, you will generally require less effort due to its smoother and more agile nature. This arrangement brings less stress to the chains and a more fulfilling experience overall.

10. Kinder to legs and lower muscles:

It is obvious that you naturally engage your legs and lower muscles intensively when you ride a bike. However, the effort and muscle power you invest in driving the smaller gears are less than their larger counterparts. In other words: smaller gears are kinder to your legs and core muscles.

11. Faster and faster:

When all factors are considered, smaller gears are faster and faster than their larger counterparts. It means they will get you to your destination in less time. Why take longer to reach a goal you can reach faster?

12. Requires less torque when turning:

You will definitely need to put some torque to turn the wheel in a sharp corner. However, the amount of torque is different when engaging a smaller gear than when tackling a larger one. In general, you spend less and save your body from stress.

Some unique benefits of BMX bikes:

By incorporating small gears, BMX bikes have some unique advantages. Now here are the advantages that these bikes have that others lack:

Small sprocket BMX

Lightweight and easier to carry:

These bikes are lighter and, therefore, easier to transport. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to control and less likely to impede your progress. These double properties are especially useful when driving on difficult terrain or muddy surfaces.


Since bikes have fewer parts, they are generally less expensive than their full-body counterparts. It makes them well within reach of many individuals and households who might find it convenient to use them.

Less service:

Although you will need to repair it sometimes, the cost of doing so is very limited. And are strong and durable and hardly fall apart like their huge counterparts. Then they also tend to take a lot of damage thrown at them.

Amazing stopping power:

Brakes are missing on these bikes. As such, they are much easier to stop. No matter how fast they move, you can usually stop them much faster and more quickly. The fact that they don’t take breaks will also allow you to tackle them with more zeal.

Performance Wheels:

Of all the unique features and benefits these bikes offer, a set of performance wheels stands out. The wheels are usually wider and can maintain amazing stability on the road. They prevent you from falling and even putting yourself in unnecessary danger on the way.

In conclusion:

The fact that BMX bikes have smaller gears generally brings more benefits to the human body. Motorcycle manufacturers seem to have had the wisdom and knowledge that other competitors lacked. All these reasons are enough to convince you to choose such a bike.

You don’t have to worry if you have a bike with large gears. It is still possible for you to replace the same and retrofit it with a smaller variant. To solve this problem, we ask that you contact your dealer or a licensed bicycle repairer, as these entities have the necessary expertise to do the job.