Why does my skateboard squeak when I stand on it? How to fix it?

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Why does my skateboard squeak

Your skateboard often causes squeaky noises. Check for creases or signs of wear. Weather conditions can make them too weathered. A good way to detect this problem is to check if the washers are cutting into them.

Sometimes you have to replace them, but there are some fixes; here’s how to deal with it.

How to fix squeaky sounds from a skateboard:

  1. Unscrew the nut from the kingpin and remove the bushings.
  2. Check for cracks and make sure they are not squashed. If so, get new grommets.
  3. Wax the bushings or apply a little oil or silicone-based lubricant.
  4. Reassemble your car and see if the noise goes down.
why does my skateboard squek

Your bearings make squeaky noise:

It is easy to fix; bearings don’t last forever, but maintaining them can make all the difference. It’s best to take all the bearings out and grease them, but you can also find out which bearings are loud. spin the wheels and see which ones make noise. Cleaning the bearings will mean you have to do it more often than you did the first time.

After cleaning, the dirt somehow finds its way more . I used olive oil in my example, but you should get some silicone-based lube. Olive oil is a last resort.

How to clean dirt from bearing:

  1. Grab a tool, remove the nut from your truck’s axle and slide the bearings out.
  2. Remove the bearing shield.
  3. Clean them with acetone or nail polish remover to remove dirt. Soak them.
  4. Wrap them in toilet paper and shake them several times. Dry the bearing with toilet paper and ensure the dirt and dust are gone.
  5. Use some oil or silicone-based lube, and the noise should go away. If not, get some new bearing.
why does my skateboard squeak

Sounds when you lean on the skateboard:

It can be cause by loose screws/nuts or a pivot. Here is an example of loose screws causing the problem. It is usually a problem with one of your car’s components.

Easy fix, tighten all your screws, and you should be fine with annoying squeaking noises. If not, check your swivel cup.

There may be some space between your hanger and the turntable. The rotation in the rubber bowl causes noise. No worries, here’s how to fix it.

How to fix squeaky voice:

  1. Take your tools and open the nut. Part of your truck will come loose.
  2. Make sure you remove the hanger from the cup and set it aside.
  3. Take your swivel cup out and check for wear and is everything OK? Next step. Cracks and tears, replace them.
  4. Clean the pivot hole with a little soap and grease or wax the pivot pin.
  5. Using wax, use a scraper to peel the candle and fill the pivot hole. Not too much, through.
  6. Assemble and check if the noise is still there.

Ticking noise and bumpy ride:

Flat spots on the wheels will make your ride very uncomfortable. Check the surface of the wheels for flat spots. They are usually caused by power slips and can be quite annoying.

Apart from changing the wheel, there is not much you can do about it. You can try to scrape it off and realign the wheel. But you’ll be drop with smaller wheels, which will cause more inconvenience.

Why does my skateboard squeak

Clicking and creaking sounds when you lean on your skateboard:

Very common, don’t worry, I’ve got you. Often the cause is a washer between your kingpin and the nut. It could also be the second pad closer to your motherboard (the second one from the top).

The reason for the clicking is that the washer overlaps the pin and bushings. It may move from side to side when leaning on the skateboard. I’d blame your local skateboard shop for selling you a mat with a hole that’s too big.

You can do a few things, but if they don’t fit on your queen, you should get new pads. They are cheap, so why the trouble.

If you want to fix this while waiting for new pads, do the following.

How to fix clicking and creaking sounds:

  1. Grab a tool and unscrew the kingpin nut.
  2. Wrap the threads of your sovereign with Teflon tape (the kind plumbers use). Or use duct tape or any other tape to make your king blade stronger until it fits your mats. It will only work for a short time as the friction will cut your tape, so be careful.
  3. Another option is to use some strong glue and stick it to the nut.
  4. Ignore it and wait for the pad to bend around your king and disappear. If not, get new mats or get used to being the loudest skateboarder.

The low-pitched sound coming from your wheel:

You guessed it; your bearings are making the noise. Did you take care of them? so, because otherwise, you wouldn’t come here. , I don’t pay much attention to my bearings until they start making noise. So don’t worry about that.

Anyway, here’s the problem. It is hard to explain, so look at the picture to see exactly what I mean. Noise comes from the seat of your wheels. It’s the space between the outer race of your bearings and the inside of your wheels.

Gaps may appear in the seat if you’ve been skateboarding for a while and haven’t replaced the wheels. If your bearings can move in place, you’ve found your problem. The bearings move a little when you drive but more when you turn.

It’s easy to fix; get the lube ready.

How to fix low-pitched sounds:

  1. It cleans your bearings (as mentioned earlier) and the inside of the wheels.
  2. Allow to dry and lubricate the outer bearings and core of your wheels. Shifting won’t
  3. fix it, but noise should go down.


Now that we have reached the bottom line. I hope we have answered your question about why my skateboard squeak when I stand on it? We tell you that. You must follow these measures outlined in the article. Before going to a repair or purchasing a new skateboard. If you find this article interesting, it would be a pleasure.