Is roller skating bad for your knees? Shocking Reasons!

Is roller skating bad for your knees? Shocking Reasons!

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Is roller skating bad for your knees

What is roller skating? Roller skating is the act of walking and using roller skates, which usually refer to four-wheeled shoes (two-line) rather than one-line wheels, called inline skates. Roller skating is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world.But the question is, roller skating is bad for your knees?

The answer to is roller skating bad for your knees?

Every sport has its benefit and disadvantages. But if we take all the safety majors, then the result should be better. Here we are talking about is roller skating bad for your knees?

Compared to conventional exercises such as jogging or jogging, roller skating is a good option, as it offers the same aerobic benefits while causing less joint pain.

Is the roller-skating high impact on the knees?

As we’re talking about sports, many sports have a high impact on the knees, such as football, cricket, and hockey. Knees are an essential part of sports. If we take safety majors for knees, then it will be good for athletes.

Its low impact makes it easier for your joints than other types of strenuous exercise. Also, if you practice tricks or skills, they can even improve your flexibility and physical contact.

Why do knees hurt after roller skating:

Is roller skating bad for your knees

Every sport has advantages and disadvantages as well. In the same way, roller skating is good for knees; if you’re not taking safety majors, it will hurt your knees. and why is roller skating bad for your knees? these are the reasons.


If you are a new skier, you may be able to get your knees up and down. Excessive use is more than 10% more work than any of your regular tests. So, start small, at your own pace, and relax if you need to.

Bad Posture:

If your knees follow the toes as you slide or rotate inwards – that isn’t good. This posture stresses the knees and thus makes you accustomed to ligament tears.

Hip or ankle issue:

The knee joint needs stability, and the knee should rest only back and forth. However, your hip and ankle joints should move. When you close your waist and ankles, the knees will weaken, which creates stress on the arteries and can lead to knee pain.

Loose Patella:

The patella needs to move some way over the knee joint, and some people have an open patella. Therefore, it can cause knee and ligament pain when it comes out of alignment.

Common and serious roller skating knee injuries:

In most cases, skaters get minor injuries during the fall. Therefore, they may end up with fewer scratches or painful knees. However, sometimes serious damage can occur to the kneecap or put it in a straight line in the worst cases.

This condition can lead to further damage to the knee tissue and chondromalacia patella. Therefore, treating any knee injury with a physiotherapist is compulsory. Sometimes, roller skaters can injure their knees with a sudden twist. These types of injuries can damage the lines.

Some severe pain within the knee can be the result of injury to the collateral ligament. It is important to mention that you may experience severe pain in the front of the knee during an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament. This condition disables the knee to pick up the skater’s weight and may require some surgical resection.

How to prevent knee injury when roller skating:

Is roller skating bad for your knees

People sometimes associate roller skating with knee injuries. However, the fact is that knee problems are often the result of poor posture, knee flexion, poor posture, or knee flexion. If not, this activity should not significantly impact your knees.

Therefore, it is good to know that most knee injuries during roller skating are preventable. Here are some tips to help you avoid knee injuries.

How to prevent more injuries when roller skating:

If you are new to roller skating, you should carefully learn some basic steps. Learning how to stop, tread, and maintain body balance is very important before you hit the road. You will need to follow the techniques correctly; the improper form may add pressure on the knees and cause pain or injuries.

Have a correct posture:

The right posture is extremely important. So, don’t slouch or bend. It would help if you tried to maintain a straight position with the head above the shoulders and the shoulders above the core. If you slouch forward, you could weaken the core and put additional stress on your knees.

Have a safety gear:

Is roller skating bad for your knees

the first thing you need to know when you are finding the answer of is roller skating bad for your knees? is; safety gear is mandatory! Never go on a roller skating activity without a helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads. If you wear knee pads during skating, you can minimize severe knee injuries. Some research says that wearing wrist, elbow, and knee protectors may account for:

  • 87% fewer wrist injuries.
  • 82% fewer elbow injuries.
  • 32% fewer knee injuries.

Very similarly, the helmet can protect your head from serious damage. So, even though protective gear might not look trendy to some people, it can save your body and life. Therefore, never hesitate to wear it.


Before any roller skating session, you should do some warming-up exercises. These activities help you prepare your muscles and core for the upcoming pressure. You can also do some of those exercises after skating, as they can help your muscles relax more easily.

Some off-skate weight training can also be a good option. That way, you can add strength to the knee and leg muscles. But, during warming up, equally train your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. That way, you are reducing knee pressure during exercise.

Learn to fall properly:

Learning to fall properly is a very important part of any extreme sports activity. Because, sometimes, whatever you do, you may not be able to avoid falling. Lots of injuries can happen during a wrong fall.


Roller skating is a tricky game; it is true that both types of roller skating, inline and quad, are hard to play. They both first require balance, core strength and leg strength. But sometimes roller skating is bad for your knees. Hope! The above article gives all the answer related to is roller skating bad for your knees? So, read it out because it is beneficial for you.