Why Is Skateboarding So Scary

Why Is Skateboarding So Scary? (Tips To Overcome Your Fear)

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Every beginner in skateboarding is scared, which is normal. In every hobby or sport that you do for the first time, it is natural to be frightened. However, what makes skateboarding so scary? What are the usual responses of a novice skateboarder in this question? 

Why is skateboarding so scary? The common reason why novice skateboarders are afraid of skateboarding is because of the fear of falling. Riding a skateboard is frightening, especially if it is your first time. You need to have consistent training to get used to it. Fear of falling is the most common reason why skateboarding is so scary.

Aside from the fear of falling, there are other reasons why skateboarding is scary, which we will talk about later on. Also, I am going to give you the different ways that you can use to overcome your fear of skateboarding. If you are ready to let go of the fear inside your heart, let us get started! 

Why Is Skateboarding So Scary

4 Reasons Why Skateboarding Is Scary

Let us check the four different reasons why you are scared of skateboarding.

The Falling Part

Yes, it is the usual thing every beginner is scared of. They are scared to fall on the ground. Who wants to fall on the ground? Right, no one!

Falling on the ground is part of the learning process in skateboarding. Even the pros are still falling if they landed incorrectly after an ollie or other stunts. Every person that wants to start skateboarding should know that they are going to fall many times on the ground during their first time, and even if they start to improve. 


The other reason why beginners are afraid of skateboarding is because of the criticism. A criticism they might get from other people or skateboarders. During your novice days, you will get lots of criticism.

There will always be an arrogant and show-off skateboarder in a group that will criticize you during your novice days. Ignore these skateboarders because they will not help you to achieve your goals in skateboarding. When they tease you, laugh it off and never take it personally.

Only consider the criticism that you think is right and will help you to improve. Other than that, you have to ignore it. 

Being Left Out

The other reason why skateboarders are afraid of skateboarding is that they fear being left out. I have encountered these types of people where when they find out that one of their group mates is improving, they start comparing their groupmate to themselves. After that, they quit skateboarding because they lose motivation. 

Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Fear of skateboarding can also come from pushing yourself too hard. Maybe you just bought your skateboard a few days ago, and you start trying to do an ollie. If you are scared, it just means that it is a little too soon for you to try executing some ollies. Rushing is the best way to lose confidence. So stop rushing! 

15 Tips To Overcome Your Fear In Skateboarding

Now that you know why skateboarding is so scary. Let us move on to the tips to overcome these fears. If you are ready to let go of the things that scare you, let us move!

Learn The Basics First

My first tip for you is to start from the basics. The first thing you have to learn is to step on a skateboard and learn how to push, turn, do tic-tacs, and stop the skateboard. If you do not know how to execute these riding skills, you should not move on to the first and basic tricks in skateboarding which is the ollie. 

Many skateboarders skip mastering these basics and go right into practicing ollie and kickflips. It is not correct. Because you will not get used to your board, your posture might not be absolute, and it will take you a long time before you can change it soon.

If you skip the basics, you will most likely get scared because you don’t know how to control your board and fall properly on the ground. You will fall many times more than usual when you skip the basics!

Mastering the basics will help you progress faster. Moving on immediately to a trick that is not for beginner level is a bad idea. 

Start With Basic Tricks

After mastering the basics, you can move on to your first trick. 

Find a trick that is suitable for your level. a skateboarding trick that is easier to master. If you have found the easy skateboard trick, master it before moving on to your next skateboard trick. 

If the trick you have chosen seems to give you a hard time, choose another skateboard trick. When you force yourself to do the trick that gives you a hard time, you will have a hard time progressing. 

Get Stuck On One Trick First

Now that you have found your first skateboard trick. Focus on it. Master it until you make a few mistakes. After that, it is time to learn a new trick. 

Once you move to another trick, get stuck on it. Never move to another one if you have executed the current trick you have been practicing for one time. You will feel like you are progressing, but in reality, you are not. Focus on one trick at a time. Once you can do a hundred of it, you can move on to the next one.

Be Confident

You have the confidence already. You already know the basics, and you can do one or two tricks. Tell yourself that if you have already done one or two tricks, you can do another. Remind yourself that it does not hurt so bad when you fall. Tell yourself that you already had many wounds, and wounds will never stop you! Be confident. You can do it!

Never Ignore Your Fear

My next tip for you is to validate your doubt. Know that your fear is always there, and you can’t remove it. All you can do is ignore it! You know that you are ready for the next trick, so why should you listen to your fear? Does it make a point? Ignore your fear, like how you ignore your parents when they call you while you play video games! (But I do not suggest you do it to your parents, ok? It is just a metaphor)

Never let your friends push you to do a skateboard trick when your fear is valid. Be vulnerable and confident to tell them that you are not ready to do it yet. But if you know that you are fit to execute that certain trick, do it! 

Learn The Proper Way To Fall

One thing that you can do to overcome your fear of falling on the ground is to figure out how to learn the proper way of dropping. Go to a location that has grass and practice falling there. It is essential to know the right way to fall. So that once you get into the skateboard stadium, you know how to fall. 

If you have knee pads and wrist guards, you can slide your hands and knees. But if you have no skateboard gear, never roll on the grass. 

Listen To Cool Music

Music is the best way to relieve your stress and get motivated. Motivation is more powerful than fear. That is why when you listen to music, you can conquer your fear.

Before skateboarding, put your headset on and play the coolest music from your playlist. However, I don’t recommend you listen to music while you are skateboarding on the street because you may get bumped by a car. 

Rap music that has cool vibes would help you. I don’t suggest depressing music even though you love it. There are lots of chill songs for skateboarding on the internet. You only have to pick your taste. 

Wear Protective Gears

If you are afraid of falling on the ground, wear some protective gear, like helmets. Wearing protective gear can remove the fear you have. It can give you the confidence that you need. Wearing protective gear can help you to reduce your chances of getting severe injuries from falling. 

However, it does not mean you have the protective gear, you will do some strenuous skateboard tricks. Remember, there are lots of skateboarders that got their ticket pass in the emergency room because they are overconfident. Protective gears might help you reduce the chances of getting severe injuries but always still make sure you are ready. 

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Why Is Skateboarding So Scary

Avoid Overthinking

Sometimes, when I think of riding a bike to a long destination, I overthink a lot. My mind tells me “you can’t do it because you will get tired quickly if there is an uphill”. When this happens, I start saying no to it immediately, which is wrong. 

Never overthink! When you think so much, your whole body will react, including your muscles and your heart. Thinking too much of something will only hold you back and will never get you anywhere. You have to find a way to stop it. 

Never Compare Yourself

Some people or friends progress really fast and learn different skateboard tricks every week. I know that this may lose your confidence, but you should not. Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. We progress at our own pace. If you compare yourself to others, you will just hurt yourself and may lose confidence. 

Never compare yourself to others and focus on your own progress!

Take Your Time

Some skateboarders are scared because they push themselves too hard when they see that their friend or other skateboarder is progressing too fast than them. They compare themselves to their friends, and now they want to rush to reach their friend level. 

Like I have mentioned, you should never compare yourself to others. You have to focus on yourself and your progress. Take your time with skateboarding and learn at your own speed. Taking your time and being chill helps you to progress fast in skateboarding. 

Enjoy Falling

It might sound weird because who wants to fall. Right? However, enjoying how to drop will actually help you build your confidence in skateboarding. You will get used to it, and the next time you drop, it won’t matter to you (except if your fall gives you a ticket in the emergency room). 

Also, if you get used to falling, you will know the proper way to fall. It will build your confidence that will help you to progress. 

Watch Some Tutorial Videos On Youtube

In today’s world, there are lots of tutorial videos that can help you in skateboarding. These videos will exactly show you the techniques to land and fall properly. Watching and learning from the videos will not help you learn a trick in one minute. However, it helps you know the proper placement of your foot, balance, and fall properly. 

Never Get Scared To Skateboard In Public Places

Most beginners fear skateboarding in public. This kind of fear comes with all ages, young or old. Skateboarding in public can be embarrassing at first. However, if you expose yourself, you will get used to it. 

You have to let go of that fear, my friend, and never care about what other people think. However, if you are skateboarding in public, make sure you will never hurt or bother someone. 

Commit Yourself

You will never be good at skateboarding when you practice for one day and stop practicing for one month. You need to commit yourself to it, or else it will never work. If you never commit yourself to skateboard, never expect that you will be good at it. That is a delusion, mate. 

Final Verdict 

The best way to conquer your fear in skateboarding is to commit yourself and be consistent. You will fail lots of times, and this is inevitable. Many beginners quit right away because they fall on the ground after executing a trick where they are not ready yet. Never neglect the basics because this is the essential part if you want to progress in skateboarding. If you skip the basics, it will be a lot harder to learn skateboarding. 

Source: skateboardershq.com