Why Do Skateboarders Break Their Boards

Why Do Skateboarders Break Their Boards? This Is The Reason!

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Skateboards are earthly things, which means they can get broken anytime. It can break by accident or intentionally. If skateboards can get broken intentionally, what is the reason why skateboarders smash their boards? Why do skateboarders intentionally throw or slap their boards until it breaks? Let us find out!

Why do skateboarders break their boards? The reason why skateboarders break their boards is because of frustration. Skateboarding is extremely difficult. It frustrates the skateboarder if he/she can’t perform the tricks well or falls many times from their boards already. When these things happen, skateboarders will sometimes break their boards out of frustration. 

However, that is just one of the reasons why skateboarders break their boards. There are other reasons why skateboarders break their boards which we will talk about later. Also, we will talk about how long skateboards usually last and what factors determine the length of life of your skateboard. If you are ready to learn more about this, let us move on!

4 Reasons Why Skateboarders Break Their Boards

Below are the four reasons why skateboarders break their boards. Let us check them all out! 

Skateboarders Break Their Boards Because Of Frustration

The first reason why skateboarders break their boards is because of frustration. I already talked about this above but let me give you a broader explanation for you to understand why skateboarders get frustrated and smash their boards. 

Skateboarding is a difficult sport. It takes time to learn to ride on it and do tricks. Sometimes, some newbies get frustrated and impatient. Because of this, they tend to smash their skateboards out of frustration. 

Sometimes when skateboarders fail to properly execute a skateboard trick they desire to learn many times already, it frustrates them. Some give up, but some go on. Those who give up smash their skateboards because they have no reason to use them since they have already decided to give up. 

I have a friend who is really passionate about skateboarding. He has done many basic tricks already and accomplished it in a month. However, when he decided to learn ollie, things went differently. 

Yes, he tried many times to execute ollie, but he failed and fell off his skateboard many times. One day, as I walked to school, I saw him smashing his skateboard in their backyard and throwing his broken skateboard into the trash. 

Yes, it was morning. I asked my friend what happened. He replied that he is sick of skateboarding and does not see his future here. He decided to do other sports instead of skateboarding. Yes, that is a sad story. I have never seen him riding a skateboard again nor seen him watching skateboarders skate in the skatepark like he used to before. 

Sometimes, we give up easily on our dream because we have come to the hard part of achieving it. Never be like my friend who quits skateboarding immediately because he can’t do Ollie properly! Keep going until you reach it! The farther you go, the harder the next obstacles will be, and it is normal! It is a sign that you are moving forward! 

Skateboarders Break Their Boards To Get Rid Of It

The second reason why skateboarders break their boards is to get rid of them. 

Like I have said, skateboards will get broken naturally if a skateboarder always uses them. Of course, it is absurd for a skateboard not to break down if it is used five times a week. A skateboard will break down very soon if a skateboarder always uses it. 

A skateboarder knows if their board is cracked already. They know it by feeling it when they land a skateboard trick. Some skateboarders will continue to use it even though it has cracks already to get a little extra use from it. After that little time, skateboarders will smash it when they think it’s ready for the trash heap. 

Skateboarders Break Their Boards To Relieve Their Anger

The third reason why skateboarders break their boards is to relieve their anger.

Aside from being frustrated with skateboarding, each skateboarder has their own personal problems. Those personal problems might put our patience up to the limit that we start to break things or shout louder. Skateboarders break their boards to relieve their stress and anger in their lives. 

I have one friend who is a skateboarder. He has lots of life problems already since he is already 30 years old. You know those problems. Right? Family problems, work problems, and so on. 

He was a skateboarder before, and he loves collecting his boards that have survived the destruction caused by overuse. One day, we were drinking some beer, and we talked about some of our problems in life. Suddenly, he stood up from his chair, got one of his old skateboards, and smashed it in front of me. 

Yep, I was shocked. But I understood my friend because of what he had shared with me. It is normal to get angry and stressed. But my advice for you guys, never put all your anger into your skateboard. Love your board no matter what happens! 

Skateboarders Break Their Boards Naturally 

The last reason why skateboarders’ boards break is because of natural causes. 

A skateboarder usually spends time skateboarding at least one to three hours a day and five to six times a week, depending on how busy they are. Of course, those skateboarders who have an eight hours job or other essential responsibilities will skateboard for less time. 

The more often skateboarder skates, the faster their board will get ruined. Of course, it depends on what brand their board is, what tricks they are doing, and how they take care of their board. 

Cheap boards usually break easily after some months of skateboarding every day. Expensive skateboards are the ones that last for a year or two. You get what you pay! If you get a cheap skateboard and skate five times a week and do hard tricks, don’t expect that your skateboard will last for a decade. 

This reason is natural and happens to all skateboarders out there. Later on, we will discuss how long skateboards last. So keep reading if you want to know. 

Does A Skateboard Break Easily?

It depends on many factors, like how often you use it, the brand of your skateboard, and how you take care of it. If you don’t take care of your skateboard well and skate five times a week, don’t expect your board to last for a year. Also, it depends on the tricks you are doing. If the skateboard tricks you execute are big and usually more height, your skateboard might only last for a month. 

How Long Do Skateboards Last?

Lots of skateboarders fear their skateboard will not last for a long time. Why? Because they know from the time they bought it that they will use it often. It scares lots of newbies and makes them think that their skateboard will only last for a month. However, how long do skateboards last? 

How long do skateboards last? It depends on lots of factors. However, in most cases, a skateboard would last from 3 months to three years. It depends on how often you use it, the brand of your skateboard, and how you maintain your skateboard. 

Other skateboarders managed to keep their boards up to five to ten years! One of them is my friend I have told you about above. Also, some skateboarders managed to break their skateboards in just one month. 

It is essential to find the best skateboard in the market so that your money will be worth it. Also, you have to make sure that you maintain your skateboard. Never neglect maintenance! 

How To Become More Patient With Skateboarding? 

Of course, you want to be more patient with skateboarding so that you will not smash your board once you get frustrated. If you are an impatient skateboarder, never worry because today, I will give you two easy tips that you can do to become more patient with skateboarding. 

First, you have to start from the basics. Learn how to ride your skateboard first before you move on doing tricks. Once you master the basics, do some basic tricks next. Make sure that the skateboard tricks you desire to execute are exact with your current skateboarding skills. 

Never try to execute burdensome skateboard tricks after you master the basics because you will surely get frustrated. Begin with the basic tricks first, then escalate it once you feel you are ready!

Second, have realistic goals. Whatever you do, having unrealistic goals will ruin your confidence and determination. It will make you more frustrated and stressed. 

Your skateboard goals should be realistic. But, how will you determine if it’s realistic? I have two questions I ask myself to identify if that goal is realistic. First, I ask myself if I can achieve it in a month or year. Second, I ask myself how I can achieve it. 

If you have skateboard goals in mind, ask this on yourself first before acting. If it seems not achievable in a month or year, never do it. Be realistic with your goals. If your goals are not realistic, you will never get anywhere, or you will move but very slowly. 

Final Verdict 

The main reason why skateboarders break their boards is because of frustration. Skateboarders get frustrated when they fail to execute the skateboard tricks they desire to master or if they fall hard from their board. Some of them smash their skateboard until it breaks because of frustration.