Why Do Skateboarders Hate Longboarders

Why Do Skateboarders Hate Longboarders? It’s Pretty Obvious Why

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Before the 21st century came, there was already a rivalry between skateboarders and longboarders. Skateboarders around the world have turned their faces away from longboards and to the people that support longboarding. 

However, I never say that all skateboarders hate longboarders, but most of them do. This article will answer this old age question. So, what is the reason why skateboarders hate longboarders? Here is the concise answer to why!

The main reason skateboarders dislike longboarders is because skateboarders believe that longboarders are not real skaters. Why? Because skateboarding is hard to ride and takes time to learn tricks, while longboarding is easy to grasp. Skateboarders believe that they are at the top of the food chain! 

However, not only skateboarders are the ones hating but also longboarders. Some longboard users hate skateboarders because of the negative personality of some skateboarders. 

Skateboarders have hated other factions of the action sports world and other sports that aren’t skateboarding. Roughly speaking, skateboarders don’t like scooters, inline skates, and even BMX riders! However, the most disliked faction of skateboarders among all, which all of them unite are the longboarders!

So, why do skateboarders hate longboarders and vice versa? Let’s dig deeper and really examine the cause of this abomination happening between skateboarders and longboarders! Let us go! 

Longboarders Are Considered Not Real Skaters

The first reason why skateboarders hate longboarders is that skateboarders do not consider longboarders as real skaters. They think that longboarders are not real skaters because of many reasons. 

The first reason is that longboarding is easy to learn. Skateboarding is very hard to learn, and it takes time to learn to balance, turn left or right, and stop a skateboard. Because longboards are long and have huge wheelbase, longboarders can effortlessly balance themselves. 

The second reason why skateboarders consider longboarders not real skaters is because the tricks of skateboarding are harder than longboarding. Longboarders can’t do skateboard tricks such as flip tricks, which is why skateboarders hate them. 

Skateboarders have their own standards on telling if it is hard or not. Longboarding did not pass on their standards, which is why they hate longboarders.  

Longboarding Is Easier Than Skateboarding

The second reason why skateboarders hate longboarders is that longboarding is easier to learn. I already said that above but let us dig deeper about this. 

When you watch some skateboarding clips on Youtube, you will notice that everything they do is hard, especially if you are still a beginner. However, when you watch longboarding clips, you will see that it is much easier than skateboarding. 

Because learning how to ride or do tricks on a longboard is easier than skateboarding, many new people that want to learn to skate will often choose longboarding. Longboarding attracts many people because it is easier. That is why the skateboarding community is frustrated because they have fewer new joiners compared to the longboarding community. 

Longboards Are For Kids

Because longboarding is easy to learn, skateboarders consider it for kids. Skateboarders are not affable with kids because they believe that they are grown-ups already to interact with childrens. After all, what they are doing is hard. However, for me, that is their ego speaking. 

Whenever I go to our local skateboarding park during the night, all I see are adults on skateboards and a couple of guys on BMXs. The longboarding community goes there in the morning. 

The oldest person that I have met that uses longboarding is 12 years old. I asked him if he will stay longboarding, and he answered that he would switch, soon, to skateboarding. What is the reason? I asked. He answered because he wants something thrilling and scary. After all, for him, longboarding is a piece of cake. 

Aside from his desire for more thrilling action, the other reason why he wants to switch to skateboarding is that most of his friends are skateboarders. His friends pressure him to switch to skateboarding by accusing him that he is a kid or a newb. 

We all know that kids tend not to be aware of their surroundings, right? My friend, a skateboarder, tells kids who ride on a longboard not to accompany him to the skating rim because my friend is afraid he might hit the kids. 

But because kids are naturally hard-headed creatures and only think of what makes them happy, they never listen to my friend. That is why my friend became frustrated and just waited for the kids to go home before he could skate again. 

Skateboarders might hate longboarders because of age differences. However, it does not mean that skateboarders hate kids. They only find it awkward and maybe embarrassing to have a 10 years old friend, while they are in their twenties already.

They Fight Over The Skate Park

It is where all hatred usually rises more. The fight over a territory!

Skateboarders and longboarders sometimes fight over the skate park. Sometimes, skateboarders do not permit longboarders to use the premises because they think that longboarders have no right to use it since they are not real skaters. 

It is a sign of discrimination actually and should not be tolerated. Everyone has the right to use the premises unless the owner of the skating park was the one who ordered that only skateboarders are allowed to skate on his/her premises. 

However, it is rare to see an owner ban other people that do not use skateboards. Very rare! Some skateboarders are so privileged to claim that the skating parks are for them only. Why? Because they think that they are the only real skaters in the world. Why do they believe that? Because skateboarders believe that what they are doing is harder than any sports. 

I think the skateboard community should do something about this. The head of a skateboard community should discipline his/her members. This act of discrimination against longboarders must stop because it can be dreadful for the skateboard community. 

Skateboarders Think That Longboarders Have Ugly Boards

The other reason why skateboarders hate longboarders is that they think that longboarders have ugly boards. Yes, it might sound absurd or childish, but this is real.

A traditional skateboard only has a universal shape. But the appearance of longboards has seemingly endless variety, and some are uglier than the other variety. 

Having an ugly board is pretty embarrassing for us. That is why some skateboarders never wanted longboarders to enter their group. Skateboarders think that if some newbie sees an ugly board inside the skating community, the newbie will never join the community. In short, skateboarders reject longboarders because their ugly boards will never attract newbies. 

That is why I suggest longboarders who read my article buy an amazing and enticing board. Never buy from companies that create ugly boards that only want to earn lots of money. Never buy from a department store too. Buy longboards from a trusted company. Also, avoid putting large cruiser wheels on a trick board because it will look like you are riding on a monster truck.

Skateboarders Are Toxic

Skateboarders are indeed toxic, but not all of them. I have met skateboarders who are arrogant, and some are humble and look like they have no ego at all. The humble skateboarders I have met are likable people in their community, and they usually have many friends outside their community.

The main reason why this hatred exists is that skateboarders are toxic! However, let us not put all the blame on skateboarders since some longboarders are also toxic. This toxicity must stop because it makes the image of both communities dirty.

Let us respect each others’ weaknesses and preferences so that both skateboarders and longboarders skate peacefully. 

What Do Skateboarders And Longboarders Have In Common?

Both skateboard and longboard offer tons of fun to their users. It is a great way to make friends, even though it is an individual sport. Also, these two sports can help to boost their users’ confidence because it takes lots of confidence needed to master these two even though longboarding is much easier than skateboarding. 

Both skateboard and longboard have trucks, wheels, decks, bearings, and some interchangeable parts. You can put longboard wheels on a skateboard and begin cruising. However, if you want to try this, you have to make sure to add riser pads. 

However, they are not both easy. Longboarding is easier compared to skateboarding because longboards are wider and longer. The longer and wider the board, the easier it is to balance oneself. Also, longboards have no issues with large cracks, and they are not noticeable sometimes. 

Skateboards are also more prone to get stuck in cracks, and small rocks can block the wheels, which is a pain in the ass. That is why it is possible to commute over tram rails on longboards, but not on skateboards. However, it really depends on how you position yourself on the board. 

Leaning forward on your board will have a higher chance for your wheels to get blocked than if you lean backward. 

Is Longboard Good For Beginners?

Yes! Longboarding is great for beginners. Longboarding is easier for beginners because they are wider and longer, which helps longboarders maintain balance. Also, they have larger and softer wheels that can handle small obstacles and rough roads much better. 

Final Thoughts 

The main reason skateboarders hate longboarders is that skateboarders think it is easy to learn to ride on a longboard. That is why they don’t consider longboarders as real skaters. 

The other reason why skateboarders and longboarders hate each other is that the two of them are fighting for the skatepark. Skateboarders think that longboarders don’t deserve to skate in the skatepark because they believe longboarders are not real skaters. 

The last reason why skateboarders hate longboarders is that there are many kids using longboards. These kids don’t pay attention and cause accidents. Kids that ride on a longboard bother skateboarders, which is why skateboarders don’t like them.