Why Do Skateboarders Have Long Hair

Why Do Skateboarders Have Long Hair? The Truth!

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When you think of skateboarding, the first thing that comes to mind is the edgy and punk rock styles, especially skaters’ hairstyles. Remember Tony Hawk and all his hair cur choices? It was all every skater wanted back in the 80s, the infamous flop haircut.

Many of them like to keep their tresses open and flowing and always match their looks with unique fashion looks. Have you thought about why skateboarders have long hair? It’s simple.

Why do skateboarders have long hair? It’s all about the freedom it brings them in the sport they love. Skateboarders can look how they want and don’t have to follow any rules or have any restrictions on them. Long hair is equivalent to freedom for skaters, and that is the beauty of it.

Do All Skateboarders Have Long Hair?

Yes and no. It’s all about what attracts them more and speaks more to their style. The whole idea of hair in skateboarding is the freedom of choosing whatever you want. Wearing whatever they like and rocking any fashion that makes them feel like it identifies with them. Many female and male skateboarders have beautiful and thick locks that they prefer to keep down while skateboarding. They move around with the wind with just a helmet on and the hair hanging free under it.

This is visually fantastic as it adds more beauty to their moves and momentum. It enhances their motion lines while emphasizing the sheer power of their action slides, making them stand out from the bunch. However, some skaters prefer to have their forehead clear while in action, so they stick to short or medium.

Truthfully, every hairstyle is iconic and makes a statement. When no laws or rules are binding them, skateboarders lean towards unique and long hairstyles because it brings them joy and gives them the liberation they crave in a world that is always labeling and putting people in a box. Skateboarding is an action sport that tests physical boundaries while giving happiness to the people who are into a unique culture.

What Type of Hair Do Skateboarders Usually Have?

As skateboarding is street culture rather than traditional, no restrictions apply. Skateboarders love hairstyles of all kinds. Some like it medium because it gives them a clear vision and helps them focus better on the game, while some skateboarders prefer long strands that are often bleached a little to add more to their look. Many skaters also prefer dreads and braids, as it is much easier to handle them in a helmet.

However, some skateboarders prefer to let their very long hair fully down and without a helmet. They will sometimes put a headband to keep the hair from messing with their vision, and some often go for the ponytail style on both longer and medium hair. Many prefer to have a beanie and bandana handy. Some skaters even go for the buzz cut look and take the edgy look to a different level.

Although most skaters have at least medium hair, newbie stars like Elijah Berle show that getting the skater vibe is possible with shorter strands. It comes down to what a person can easily maintain and how often they skate. Short hair helps in not having to style it every time, especially if it is thick and you frequent your skateboard park.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Having A Long Hair While Skateboarding?


The central thing in skateboarding is that you need a clear vision to see everything coming your way. While boasting a long hair look may make a skater get compliments on their carefree vibe, when that hair gets in your eyes, it can hinder the vision and be very dangerous. You will not even have time to react.


You skate with the wind in your long hair and miss the gaps on the path or little objects in your way because you were busy getting your hair out of your face. Even the tiniest obstructions can halt your skateboard and send you flying.

Executing Moves

Some moves require you to get low and bend down, and some people have hair all down to their back, which can be deadly if caught under the skateboard. Moreover, for flips, you must bind your hair to see the board quickly.

Does Having Long Hair Make You A Good Skateboarder?

You might be surprised, but many people still think that long hair instantly implies a skater is a pro. Let us end this myth. One has nothing to do with the other. A skateboarder’s hair is just their appearance and style. That’s the end of it. It has nothing on their skills or moves and their ability to skate well. Some skaters even fail because they can’t control their hair, and focusing on it distracts them from the game.

However, we will say that a skater who can manage their long hair and does not let it affect their game is truly experienced because long hair can get in your eyes and may even cause injuries.

What Is the Best Haircut for a Skateboarder?

Let’s talk about some good haircuts for skaters. Shags can be a great style, and they are also rather popular owing to their disheveled appearance. They look tremendous on thick hair, and maintaining them is super easy. The best part is that a shag looks good even under a helmet.

Similarly, mid hair with side-swept bangs is also a yes. However, if you want long hair no matter what, better to have the front hair trimmed, so your eyes stay clear. Also, an asymmetrical style can be great too.


For skateboarders, their fashion and style are a big deal. So while they are all about experimenting with new hairdos and finding what will make them stand apart from the crowd, it is more about the liberation it brings. A skater’s hair is a serious business because it helps them break away from the traditional chains. Nonetheless, long hair has its pros and cons, so it is all up to maintenance and having skills to handle both the looks and the game.