Why Do Skateboarders Microwave Their Shoes

Why Do Skateboarders Microwave Their Shoes? The Truth!

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Getting new skateboarding shoes is the best shopping day of a skateboarder. However, having new skateboarding shoes that fit your feet is very essential when it comes to safety. Skateboarding shoes are built differently compared to other shoes. It has additional layers that are too stiff which is why skateboarders have to come up with ways to break them in fast and efficiently. 

Breaking in your shoes prevents blisters, dabbing heels, and any other places where the stiff material will continually rub off your skin. You have to make sure that your skateboarding shoes are the right fit for you. Finding good skateboarding shoes is like finding good basketball shoes. Quality equipment that is your size increases safety, durability, and performance, which every skateboarder around the world desires. 

There is one question that I saw from different skateboarding forums and social media that attracts my curious personality. The question I saw is why do skateboarders microwave their shoes? Now, I know you are here because you want to know the answer. Let me tell you the reason why skateboarders microwave their shoes. 

Why do skateboarders microwave their shoes? The reason why skateboarders microwave their shoes is to break in them faster. Breaking in them faster will prevent sore feet and blisters, which all skateboarders can get while skateboarding. That is why some skateboarders put their skateboarding shoes in the microwave to soften their shoes and make them more comfortable. 

However, some skateboarders think that microwaving skateboarding shoes is a myth. But even though some skateboarders think that this is a myth, there are others that say that this is very beneficial and these skateboarders speak by experience. 

Why Do Skateboarding Shoes Matter?

Comfortable and high quality skateboarding shoes should be your first priority when choosing the right skateboarding shoes because this is first in the list of the most essential things you need for skateboarding. 

Comfortable and high quality skateboarding shoes will increase grip, board feel, shock absorption, prevent injuries, and will give you an awesome experience while skateboarding. Since there is no same person, there is also no same type of foot. That is why it can be a challenge for you when picking the proper skateboarding shoes. 

The type of skateboarding shoes that you must pick depends on your preferences but the Suede shoes are the recommended one by most skateboarders out there. But it still depends on you what type of skateboarding shoes you will get. 

Whatever skateboarding shoes you get, you must keep in mind that comfort and high quality should be your first priority. If you buy skateboarding shoes that are not comfortable, you will not enjoy skateboarding. And if you buy skateboarding shoes that are not high quality and not from trusted brands, you will just waste your money. 

Two Types Of Soles

When choosing the best skateboarding shoes, checking the soles is a good start. Deciding whether you want a vulcanized or cupsole shoes is a good start, especially if you are a beginner or confused. 

The difference between these two types of soles are durability, comfort, and board feel. Cupsoles are proven to be sturdier than vulcanized sole, provide more heel support, and protection. So, choosing what type of soles you will get is essential since here you will rely on whether your skateboarding shoes are comfortable or not. 

Vulcanized Soles

Vulcanized shoes are taped around the body of the shoe and have two separate pieces. If you use it oftenly, it will start to fall off. However, even though that is the case, they do feel slightly lighter while you are on the board. Vulcanized soles are a great choice for skateboarders who want to feel even the slightest tremor of their skateboard. 

The thinner sole and the shoe’s flexibility is a great fit with technical skateboarders. However, it does not mean you will be unable to do any of those skateboarding tricks if you are wearing cupsoles. Some skateboarders testify that there are no differences between the two soles. 

The disadvantage of vulcanized soles is that they provide less impact protection and they really don’t have that much heel support and they are thinner. This means that they are not durable. However, it still depends on what type of skateboarding you will execute and the amount of time you wear your skateboarding shoes. 

Spotting the differences is effortless. Volc soles are recognized by skateboarders by the thin foxing tape on the edge or by bending them. They are also a bit cheaper compared to other types of skateboarding shoes. That is why it is a great pair of shoes for skateboarders that are looking to save some pennies. The negative thing is that it will wear down faster compared to other skateboarding shoes. 


Cupsole shoes are made for skateboarding and considered as an improved version of skateboarding shoes after skateboarders became so satisfied with these shoes. Before, skateboarders complained about bruised heels. But thanks to cupsoles. The sole of this shoe consists of several layers; a solid, cushioning, and a rubber layer to lessen the impact when landing after jumping. 

These shoes use EVA or TPR cushioning foam that is placed inside a rubber cup. They are bigger. That is why the board should be a bit bigger also. 

When you compare cupsoles from vulc shoes, cupsoles are more expensive, and durable at the same time. The impact absorption of this is also better than vulc shoes. However, they still don’t hundred percent guarantee anything since they are not miracle workers. It means that skateboarders still need to be careful on their own since there are no shoes that will do that type of work for them. 

Lastly, cupsoles are also stitched, which means more quality in the shoe itself. Cupsoles are expensive but they are worth it. They are durable shoes that will help you reduce impact when you land after jumping. That is why if you have some money to spare, I suggest you buy some cupsoles instead of vulc shoes. 

Composition Of Skateboarding Shoe Soles

The soles of shoes are made from different parts depending on the type of shoe. There are shoes that provide good heel support, some don’t, some have insoles like herringbone or waffle tread patterns that will give you extra grip that you need. 

A thin sole will make you feel like you are barefoot, which means it feels like you have no shoes to wear. It increases the feeling on your skateboard, which means you will have better board control. The better your board control, the easier you will perform various skateboarding tricks. However, cushioning is still essential. Why? Because it absorbs the impact and keeps your feet safe and functioning for many years to come. 

The materials used to make a certain shoe also plays an important role. If the materials used were high-quality materials, expect that the shoes will be durable but also expect that it will be expensive. Suede shoes are recommended by skateboarders because the material is more durable when compared to the cheaper canvas shoes. Also, if it gets broken, it can be repaired easily. 

Whatever shoes you use when skateboarding, always be prepared because skateboarding will wear your shoes down faster than other activities and that you will need to invest in a new pair now and then. Whatever shoes you bought, they will wear down soon, especially if you often use them. 

When buying skateboarding shoes, you must go to brands that are well-trusted by lots of skateboarders and brands that are famous. If you fall in love with a specific pair of shoes and their aesthetic, just think that those shoes are your fancy sneakers and use them only when you use your skateboard as your transportation. 

If you are looking to execute various skateboarding tricks on your skateboard, you must look at shoes that are not thin. The thinner material offers less support to your foot, which means it is not safe and more prone to damage. 

How Long Do Skateboarding Shoes Last?

The answer to this question has no definite answer because it really depends on how much you wear your skateboarding shoes. Also, the trick you execute on your skateboard oftenly and what skate your decks’ grip tape is in.

Street skateboarding with bad and low-quality shoes and a new deck grip can mean that your new shoes will get destroyed after a week or two. Doing lots of ollies and flips will wear down the fabric, ruining your shoes after only a few days. 

If you have no job and your parents are the ones paying for your shoes, you must try to save for yourself or talk to your parents to get you some high-quality and expensive shoes. You must explain to your parents how important and how they can save money if they buy you high-quality and very durable skateboarding shoes. 

Do You Need Skateboarding Shoes?

Yes! You need skateboarding shoes, especially if you skate so often. It is a piece of equipment, an extension of your feet and the board. However, it does not mean that if you are wearing skateboarding shoes, you will become adept in skateboarding instantly. You still need to practice to become good at skateboarding. 

Buying cheap skateboarding shoes are a waste of money and a safety hazard. While skateboarding shoes that are high-quality, expensive, and durable are more safe and will help you save money. 

Buying high-quality skateboarding shoes are the next essential thing for skateboarding. Shoes come after the skateboard because choosing the right skateboard is the first one you need to consider if you want to skate better. 

If you are a basic skateboarder that uses a skateboard when going to work or school, or if you just love to cruise around the city or park without doing any skateboarding tricks, never waste your money on expensive skateboarding shoes. If you know how to balance and push on a skateboard, and never do any skateboarding tricks, there is no point investing in pro shoes since you are not considering becoming more efficient in skateboarding. 

Is Microwaving The Shoe A Myth?

Breaking in your new skateboarding shoes can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Avoiding blisters can take time and experience, but choosing the right skateboarding shoes as well. 

Some skateboarders might think that it is good to put your entire shoe inside the microwave for some time because it will get soft. The idea behind it is to take the changing stiffness of the plasticized materials and mold them to your feet correctly. Yes, this is a good idea. But even though it is a good idea, think twice first before doing it because it holds more risk than gain. 

The plastic from your skateboarding shoes can melt and you will only waste your money and if worse, even your microwave. Any metal compartments can cause your microwave to spark, and explode, while the shoelace of your shoes can catch fire. 

Is It Bad To Microwave Skateboarding Shoes? 

It is not bad actually but it is dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to execute it properly. If your shoes have metal, your microwave can explode. If your shoes have shoelace, the shoelace of your skateboarding shoes might catch fire. It is not bad to microwave your skateboarding shoes but make sure to be very careful when executing it. 

Should You Microwave Your Vans Shoes? 

Vans shoes are used by many skateboarders out there who have no money to spare for a skateboarding shoe. So, should you microwave your Vans shoes?

Yes you can! However, you must not leave your Vans shoes for too long inside the microwave because even though it has no metal, it has plastic, rubber, and glue that could melt due to the heat of the microwave. 

How To Microwave Your Skateboarding Shoes? 

There is a video below about how to microwave your skateboarding shoes. Check it out below!

Final Verdict

To conclude, the main reason why skateboarders microwave their shoes is to break in their shoes and make it fit on them. Microwaving your skateboarding shoes can be dangerous but it is effective. It is dangerous because your microwave might explode and your skateboarding shoes might get destroyed if you are not very careful.