Why Do Skateboarders Wear Pants

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Pants? This Is The Reason Why!

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Skateboarding is one of the most famous sports on the planet Earth. It has hundreds of thousands of players that skate on different surfaces of the Earth. On all of the skateboarders, there is one common trend that most non-skateboarders observed. What is that? Wearing pants.

When you see a skateboarder in different places, you often notice that the skateboarder is wearing pants. Then you start asking yourself, why is this? Why do skateboarders wear pants? Are there any benefits of wearing pants? Do pants have a sort of power that helps skateboarders to perform skateboarding tricks properly? Let me tell you why skateboarders wear pants!

Why do skateboarders wear pants? Skateboarders wear pants for two reasons. One is safety and the second one is for style. Wearing pants helps skateboarders look stylish. Also, it helps skateboarders prevent having scars on their knees when they fall on their skateboard since pants are long. 

Wearing shorts is fine as well. However, wearing shorts while skateboarding can give skateboarders a wound and scar on their knees or legs when they fall from their skateboard while doing certain skateboarding tricks. Skateboarders are sophisticated in fashion. They know what to wear to look cool in the eyes of people. 

Today, we will talk more about skateboarders and their wonder pants. I will answer various questions related to our subject and give you a broader answer about why skateboarders wear pants. If you are ready, let us move on!

Why Do Skateboarders Wear Pants?

So to give you a broader answer about why skateboarders wear pants, I created another subheading. So, keep reading. 

The first main reason why skateboarders wear pants is to look stylish. Many skateboarders have testified that wearing shorts while skateboarding will make you look dumb or unsophisticated in fashion. 

I have read various skateboarding forums regarding the reason why skateboarders wear pants and this is the answer of most skateboarders there. We human beings are naturally stylish people. We buy expensive clothes and shoes just to look beautiful. 

This is the same with skateboarders since skateboarders are humans too. Skateboarders have a different sense of style but they still have a keen sense of style, which other people imitate even though they don’t skate. That is the effect of skateboarders on people. You will see other people that don’t even know how to skate wear thrashers or other skateboarding shirts. 

The second reason why skateboarders wear pants is to avoid scraping themselves. When you wear shorts while skateboarding, you will get hurt more when you hit yourself in the shins, knees, and legs. There is a high chance of getting a wound if you wear shorts while skateboarding. 

Wearing shorts will give you high chances of getting a wound on your legs, shins, and knees. Since pants are long, it protects your knees, legs, and shins. However, some skateboarders still risk it just for the sake of their style.

The last reason why skateboarders wear pants is that most skateboarders said that it looks odd to wear shorts. Most skateboarders stated that they look gay when they wear shorts. Also, most of them said that it is harder to land tricks because you will get scared of the air if you are not used to it. 

Wearing pants while skateboarding is comfortable. However, it does not mean that you should stop wearing shorts if that is what you want. You can wear shorts while skateboarding but it is safer and stylish to wear pants while skateboarding. It is your choice bro/sis.

Should You Wear Pants When Skateboarding?

If I was the one to suggest, I would say yes. I advise that you wear your pants when skateboarding. I know that you will ask me why. Let me tell you then. 

The reason why I suggest you wear your pants when skateboarding is to protect yourself. Like I have mentioned above, one of the reasons why skateboarders wear pants is to protect their legs, shins, and knees from getting scratched or scraped when they fall from their skateboard.

What Kind Of Pants Do Skateboarders Wear?

Now that you know the benefits of wearing pants while skateboarding, you now ask what kind of pants skateboarders usually wear. 

The pants skateboarders usually wear are called skate pants. Skate pants are all about styles that are easy to move in and very comfortable to wear. It is not fitted like skinny jeans or too baggy like sweatpants. Cargo pants and work pants are the kinds of pants skateboarders usually use. 

If you are planning to start wearing pants while skateboarding right now, you should look for these kinds of pants. Never wear skinny jeans that are too tight. You will feel uncomfortable while skateboarding when you wear pants that are too tight. 

There are lots of skateboarding pants out there. The best brands are Dickies, Adidas, Southpole, Brixton, and Unionbay. These brands offer skateboarding pants that are loved by skateboarders out there. 

Will My Pants Get Destroyed If I Use It For Skateboarding?

Your pants may get destroyed when you use them for skateboarding if you are not cautious. If you often fall from your skateboard and your pants often scratch off the surface, your pants may get a hole after a month. It depends on the brand and materials used to make your pants. I suggest you buy pants from companies that are trusted. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, the reasons why skateboarders wear pants are for style and to protect their legs, knees, and shins. If you wear pants while skateboarding, you will have a lower chance to get wounds or scratches on your lower body. So if you want to look cool and safe at the same time, wear pants while skateboarding.